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Hot Rolled Z Sheet Piles

Z hot rolled sheet piles have a continuous, symmetrical interlock on both sides of the neutral axis. Both aspects have a positive influence on the sections, as they are located at a considerable distance from the neutral axis. This ensures and increase in strength for a wide variety of applications.

ESC Steel is able to offer the domestic USA market with a combination of both stock in standard sections and lengths and also made to order sizes for medium to large projects. The ESC-HRZ Sheet Piles are ideal for both temporary and permanent applications. 

Sheet pile
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  Green Initiatives  

Larssen interlock

  Larssen Interlock  

Sheet piles hot rolled

Some Examples of how using ESC-HRZ Sheet Piles can lead to significant savings or design life improvements

HRZ sample.PNG
HRZ sample 01.PNG
Technical info

Technical Information

Sheet piles hot rolled datasheet
Sheet piles hrz jagged datasheet
Sheet piles box pile datasheet
Sheet piles hot rolled sheet piles datasheet
Sheet piles durability datasheet


A selection of ESC Sheet Piles drawings can be found here in pdf format. Other profiles not within this page that can found in the catalogue can be requested by the ESC Group Technical Department at

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Hot Rolled Z Sheet Piles
z type sheet piling
z type sheet pile for sale
hot rolled z sheet pile
z type sheet pile supplier
sheet piles with corrosion protection paint
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