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Sheet Pile Types and Applications

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Along with the rising complexity of global construction projects especially large infrastructures, the need of advanced construction methods and materials also comes at high demands. Sheet Piles are no exception. Basic introduction about Sheet Piles is therefore essential for key players in the Construction Industry to be properly oriented in making decisions with regards to Engineering, Value, and its Applications.

What are the Types of Sheet Piles and their Scope of Applications?

Sheet Piles are materials driven to the ground that serves as retaining wall. They are used in wide variety of temporary and permanent applications. Temporary sheet piles are used in cofferdams and other temporary works to enable deep excavations to facilitate construction below ground and water level. After completion of construction the sheet piles are usually extracted for reuse. Permanent sheet piles especially steel sheet piles are installed permanently as retaining walls for structures including quay walls, bridge abutments, underground storage tanks, basements and underground car parks.

Steel sheet pile - Steel sheet piles are the most popular due to its high strength, ease of handling, and ease of construction. Steel sheet piles are available in various cross-sections and shapes. They can be hot-rolled sheet piles, cold-rolled, or cold-formed sheet piles. Steel sheet piles durability are enhanced with the aid of corrosion protection measures such as coating and cathodic protection.

Vinyl sheet pile - Vinyl sheet piles, also known as Synthetic Sheet Piles, Plastic Sheet Piles, and PVC Sheet Piles, is the most widely used in heavy loads and marine applications today. Besides being inert, durable and less expensive than wood, concrete and steel, it is 100% recyclable.

Wooden sheet pile - wooden sheet piles are used for temporary light structures to prevent cave-ins. Wood sheet piling is still used in some applications nowadays, however, treatments are necessary to avoid rapid deterioration.

Concrete sheet pile - precast concrete sheet piles has good appearance but are heavy and produces large disturbance during driving. Concrete sheet piles are primarily used as bulkheads in either fresh or saltwater with the aid of various types of dead man.

Aluminum sheet pile - Aluminum sheet piles are recyclable, durable and resistant to corrosion from air, water, extreme temperature and chemicals. However, they are more expensive than other types.

ESC Group has one of the widest ranges of sheet piles: with over 15 series and over 400 profiles in hot rolled sheet piles, cold rolled sheet piles and cold formed sheet piles in assortment of steel grades and production standards. ESC sheet piles have withstood the test of time all around the world with over 30 years of experience at all continents including Antarctica.

These factors combined with a strong commitment to delivery timelines and repeated customer satisfaction make ESC the preferred supplier for Sheet Piles globally. Applications include port and harbour structures, river revetments, retaining walls, cutoff walls, slope protection and cofferdams.

For an expert advise on choosing the right type of sheet pile for your project needs contact one of ESC agents in our offices near you.

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