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ESC Steel

Message from the Board

ESC Al Sharafi Group

The Chairman


The ESC Al Sharafi Group have become one of the premier sheet piling solutions companies in the middle east. Unlike many other sheet piling companies, we offer the full spectrum of services right from the initial inquiry until completion of the project. We work closely with all of our Clients throughout their projects to ensure the utmost in professional services.


We are an international brand in specialist piling works and offer the full range of services including design and planning, optimized engineering and construction, manufacturing, supplying, and construction works for small and large scale projects.


Now recognized as a premier sheet piling company in the GCC, ESC Al Sharafi Group have undertaken and completed some of the largest sheet piling projects in the UAE. Our internationally experienced team of industry expects are focused on continually providing more services to match the requirements of our Clients in the Middle Eastern and African Region.


You will find our commitment and attitude to this industry unrivalled and our knowledge and expertise unmatched.






ESC Middle East

The Managing Director


From establishing our Middle Eastern branch in 2007, the ESC Al Sharafi Group has gone from strength-to-strength to complete some of the largest sheet piling works in the UAE. We actively take solution-based approach to sheet piling projects and have become a single point of contact for a full range of services in association with below ground construction.


Now recognized as the preferred supplier by many of the region’s top contractors and consultants, we are forging ahead to be increasingly responsive to the unique sheet piling requirements of the Middle east and Africa.


We have vast experience with supplying trench sheets, sheet piles, tubular piles and accessories as well as a wealth of experience in construction industry. With our Directors, senior management and operational staff experienced in delivering projects safely, on time and within budget for a multitude of Clients, we are capable of meeting and exceeding any of your sheet piling and trench sheet expectations.


Our approach is to work in close contact with our Clients and engage key personnel to create best fit solutions on a project-by-project basis to enable us to remain the Middle East and Africa’s leading sheet piling specialist.




Managing Director

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