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Tie rod systems

ESC Tie Rod Systems

ESC offers the client a wide range of sizes and steel grades for Tie Rod System Assemblies. These can be seamlessly integrated into an ESC Sheet Pile or Combination Wall or other types of retaining wall. Corrosion Protection options are also available. ESC can offer the client a full design specification according conforming to the project requirements.

Tie rod system
Hinge Joint
Nut & Bearing Plate
Tie Rod Bar (both ends threaded)
Waling Support
H Pile High Modulus Connection
Pipe Pile Connection
Eye Tie Rod Bar
ESC-CRZ Sheet Piles
ESC Pipe-CRZ Combination Wall
ESC H-CRZ Combination Wall
Waling Joint
Tie Rod Ends

Tie Rod Ends - Cut Thread

Tie rod cut thread
Tie rod rolled thread

Tie Rod Ends - Rolled Thread

Tie rod upset thread

Tie Rod Ends - Upset Thread

Tie Rod Connection Components

Tie Rod Connection Components

Tie rod connection components
Waling Channel

Waling Channel

Waling channel

The Waling Assembly transmits forces from the sheet piling to the anchorage whilst simultaneously aligning and stiffening the wall. ESC offers standard  hot rolled channel sections presented, but can also provide full options such as splicing plates and bolt holes. Alternatives that ESC can accommodate to are cold formed channels, or double wide flange beams or as the client requires.

High Modulus Connections

High Modulus Connections

ESC can design and fabricate a wide variety of Tie Rod connections for both King Pipe & H Piles that are easy to handle and install. Parameters required in the design of the connection are: preferred connection type, King Pile sizing and Tie Rod Bar sizing and strength. Presented are some typical designs but ESC can offer a full suite of options depending on the application and project requirements.

Tie rod connections
Tie rod connections
Tie rod connections
Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection Options

Corrosion Protection of Tie Rod Systems can be achieved with the following methods or a combination of these methods. Other less common options include encapsulation, cathodic protection and Teflon coating all of which ESC can either provide or give advice on.

Other Components

Other Components

  • Captive Nuts

  • Swivel Nuts

  • Angle Seating

  • Bearing Plates

  • Support Brakets

  • Tie Rod Spreader Beam

  • Washers

  • Spacers (for Z Piles)

Tie rods
Project References

Project Case Studies

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