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Why Trust ESC in your Steel Fabrication Projects?

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

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Steel or metal fabrication is a broad specialization. Technically, it is not a trade which regular welding companies or contractors can fulfill. It involves not just one or two but multiple operations that requires precision and expertise. It applies processes with high complexity to create value-added products essential to mining, energy, automotive, construction, medical, transportation, food, and all other business industries that exists.

Shortlisting and finally choosing the best candidate for a steel fabrication job is crucial as far as successful project completion is concerned. This is because successful completion does not only mean finishing a project on time, it follows accomplishing a project safely within schedule, within budget, and compliant to specified quality and standards.

Luckily, ESC got you covered and here’s why you should not just consider but rely on us.

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With a global capability of producing over 300,000 metric tons per year of steel products and structures at various locations and sites around the world, ESC provides one-stop solutions for projects of all scales and requirements. We employ not just state-of-the-art equipment and machineries but the most skilled and qualified labor assets that gets them into work. Below is a showcase of some of the capabilities of ESC's prequalified mills:

In terms of structure types:

One of the criteria that qualifies a metal fabricator is its capability to design and formulate engineering solutions for different project specifics. A metal fabricator should be able to work with drawings, translate drawings and specifications to shop drawings, and design a project from scratch if necessary including undertaking field investigation works.

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ESC Engineers are from a wide range of backgrounds, including aerospace, mechanical, civil, offshore oil & gas, nuclear, renewables and more. ESC’s engineering skill sets includes:

1. Engineering Calculations

2. 2D and 3D CAD drawings