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Why Consider Vinyl Sheet Pile as a Cost-effective Alternative to Traditional Sheet Piling Solution

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

New technologies and innovations in the construction industry has been continuously advancing as scientists and engineers are discovering more and more ways not just to make construction methods easier, safer, and more convenient, but also to find a cheaper and more cost-effective alternative materials to replace the traditional ones. One good example is the use of vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials in many industries.

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Known to be the world’s most versatile plastic, vinyl products were sought for a variety of industrial applications and also became a staple material in the construction industry due to its fantastic properties like resistance to corrosion, lightweight and durability making it a good material of choice for construction projects.

Traditionally, when it comes to installing sheet piling like around a bridge pier or along an embankment, we think of steel sheet piling. Steel sheet piling are the most common and have been one of the most effective methods of installing a deep foundation. On the other hand, when deep foundations are not required, we search for solutions such as concrete retaining walls, soldier pile walls, or even concrete consolidation of historical masonry walls. These solutions are a cost-effective approach; however, longevity can be sacrificed.

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There is another solution that combines the strength of a sheet pile wall, the value of a concrete retaining wall, and modern-day technologies. This involves the use of vinyl sheet piling. Vinyl sheet piling comes in similar shapes and sizes as steel sheet piling; however it is made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) so it resists degradation common in concrete walls.

Vinyl sheet piling can be used in several applications. One of the most effective applications is its use in concrete structure reinforcement. In this application it is effectively used as a leave-in-place formwork that helps protect newly placed concrete in above and below-water repairs. Vinyl sheet piling can be placed without the use of heavy equipment around an existing structure such as a bridge pier. It is secured in place using a steel waler system and rebar. Once secured, the concrete can then be placed using traditional methods, or as preplaced aggregate concrete. The pressurization of installing the grout in the preplaces aggregate concrete will consolidate the existing structure, increasing its strength

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The result is an aesthetically pleasing repair that combines long-lasting surface protection, with effective strengthening of the existing structure. This method is cost effective and will last longer than traditional concrete retaining walls. Price wise, vinyl sheet piles also have a lower price per unit length than the traditional steel sheet piles making it a great option to consider.

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Today, vinyl is the second largest-selling plastic in the world. Vinyl’s low cost, versatility and performance make it the material of choice for dozens of industries such as health care, communications, aerospace, automotive, retailing, textiles and construction. Rigid as pipe or pliable as plastic wrap, vinyl is a leading material of the 21st century.

Vinyl sheet piling for sale

Backed by its technical and engineering experts and market presence for decades, ESC Group is committed to provide the best piling solutions to its global clientele. Hence, the creation of the ESC Vinyl Pile brand to specifically address the growing demand for vinyl sheet piles. ESC offers best in quality vinyl piling products with superior durability for a sustainable and cost-effective piling solution.



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