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Marine Mooring Bollard Maintenance Tips to Follow

Marine mooring bollards are vital equipment for all marinas and harbors. They provide a secure point of contact to connect the mooring lines of vessels to the jetties or wharves of the port.

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Each mooring bollard must be capable of withstanding the tremendous forces that large vessels exert on them. They must be manufactured from high-strength materials to guarantee durable performance.

ESC mooring bollards are engineered accurately and manufactured in ductile cast iron or steel supplied with high-quality galvanized anchor bolts to offer our clients maximum resistance to berthing impact.

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When looking for a marine mooring bollard supplier, the client must provide vital information about your project to a trusted supplier who understands the required International Standards and regulations, the level of support needed by your port, and all the other details associated with bollard production.

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Once you have these bollards installed on your dockyards, it's also important to have an inspection and maintenance schedule in place as an essential safety feature and optimal performance.

In this guide, we'll explain how to inspect and maintain mooring bollards to ensure they remain within their designed strength parameters.

What Are Mooring Bollards?

There are many types of mooring bollards; ESC has a wide range of options to ensure we provide solutions to every application, each type suitable for different uses and loads. Mooring bollards are a vital component of any mooring system. It is the anchor point for mooring lines mounted on the deck to secure the ship or vessel.

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No matter the bollard's design, they all serve the same purpose. That is to attach the mooring wires - or lines - of a vessel to the harbor quay. Depending on the design profile, they can accommodate one or more mooring lines.

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There are various types of marine bollards, including t-head, t-horn, kidney-shaped bollards, cleat, single-bitt bollards, double-bitt bollards, pillar bollards, tricorn bollards, T-head Japanese and