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Cathodic protection

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection of wharf structures is an effective method of corrosion protection. It increases the design life and can be replaced much more easily than reapplication of corrosion protection coatings. It is typically utilised in conjunction with corrosion coatings to form  a complete corrosion protection system. It is a sacrificial form of protection where an anode, typically made of aluminium or zinc alloy is bolted or welded to the steel structure. The steel and anode material form a galvanic cell where the anode oxidizes preferentially to the steel, hence reducing or eliminating the rusting of the steel. ESC has the capability to design, supply, install and commission such cathodic protection systems.



Preliminary Design & Budgeting

ESC can complete a preliminary assessment of the various corrosion protection options alongside any marine steel sheet pile or comined wall designs. ESC can analyse combinations to propose options and rank options based on project requirements and international standards.

Cathodic Protection System Detailed Design

ESC can select and calculate the anode quantities and specification which is dependent on the site conditions, steel components and coatings. Full calculations and drawings to DNV, NACE or BS EN standards alongside project specific standards can be produced by ESC's engineers. 

Anode Supply

ESC can supply sacrifical anodes of various dimensions and configurations  in Alumnium or Zinc alloys. Contact us for further information on sizes available and for a competitive quotation.

System Installation & Commissioning

ESC has successfully installed test points, wirings, reference electrodes and mounting points on both new structures and existing structures. ESC has also completed site welding in critical locations to ensure good electrical continuity to ensure effective corrosion protection throughout the steel structure.

Steel sheet pile
Cathodic protection System
cathodic protection calculation
Anode installation

Anode Sizes

Anode sizes
ESC-AF Series
ESC-AE Series

ESC offer anodes specially designed for sheet pile, combi wall and pipe pile applications in a variety of sizes. Other custom sizes can be cast.

Standard Anode Sizes
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